SHOW UP and PLAY the Law of Attraction!

SHOW UP and PLAY the Law of Attraction!!!

You have a dream.  You have a goal.  There is something you want to be good at…something you want to master.  How are you going to make it happen?  You are going to SHOW UP and PLAY with those that have what you want…that’s how!

Find the right people to play with.  Surround yourself with those that are good at what you want to be good at.  Surround yourself with the “experts”.  Join a group, team, workshop, class.  Don’t be intimidated by their greatness…pay attention, listen, watch, and learn.

Make yourself vulnerable, ask them questions.  Have a child like curiosity.  Admit what you don’t know and ask for help.   Let them know you admire them.  Let them know they inspire you.  Let them know you need them.  As you dig deeper and get to know the “experts”, you will realize they have dreams and goals too.  They will share their journey with you and continue to bring you along with them if you show them you care.  It’s the “Law of Attraction” and it’s contagious!

Soon enough you’ll realize that the “experts” are more like you than you think.  They have goals, they are willing to work hard, they are relentless…and so are you…that’s why you “showed up to play” with them.  They don’t succeed every time and neither will you. You will learn from them how to fail and how to conquer.  They’ve done both, so will you.  Every “expert” has their own journey and now you do too.

STAY in the game, don’t quit!  It will be intimidating, hard, daunting…but it will get better with time as you learn and improve. Stay open to learning as your journey is never finished. Now you are on your way to being an “expert” too…hard working, open minded, gracious and humble.  Get ready to give back, because someone is going to want to “show up and play” with you now!

God has filled our world with “experts”…go seek them out! I’m extremely grateful for the “experts” He has put into my life!


Efforts, Sacrifices and Joy of an Addict

Well, the Big Book (aka, the Bible)  proves that The Ultimate Sacrifice brings ultimate joy.   This inspires me each day as I deal with my efforts,  sacrifices and joy here on earth.   I’m sharing these thoughts with you in hope that they inspire you to find your true joy and that you embrace the efforts and sacrifices needed to have it.   Remember…whatever your joy, whatever your goal, often the greatest efforts and sacrifices bring the greatest rewards of joy!

Ahhh…a day in the life of a health and fitness addict:

I plan and prep all of my meals for the day ahead the night before.  There are no spontaneous lunches/snacks happening for me….EVER!   As a result, I am always in control of what I eat and I usually feel great!

If I go out to dinner, I always pre screen the restaurant to make sure there is something on the menu that I will eat.  Sometimes this makes me an undesirable dinner companion.  (NO, I won’t go to the Pizza joint!  I’ll only go to the Mexican joint for a couple of Nor Cal margarita’s once in a while…none of the food though.)

I’m the one who shows up at a party with the predictable veggie/fruit tray and simple red wine.   NOT the fancy treat tray and cocktail mixes.  Quite boring and uncreative!

No fancy coffees for me at Starbucks, just straight espresso.  Damn!  (ok, I admit, this is not that hard for me…I LOVE a good espresso!  Why ruin it and cover up the taste with all of that creamy and sugary crap?)

I carry a food cooler, everywhere!  Not a Micheal Kors handbag.  This makes me look so frumpy!

My work outfits are basic black and my shoes are sneakers, not the latest fashion.   Again, quite frumpy.  (ok…I’m not complaining here, my work clothes are comfortable.)

I do most of my shopping online.  I rarely have time for a leisurely day of “retail therapy”.   No “mall crawling” for me!

I never  get “spa days” because I invest my time and money in training, equipment and gym memberships.  (I get cheap $14.00 cuts at the walk in joint.) That does not leave much time or money for glamour.  Besides, I’m really not capable of sitting/laying around for hours anyway!

My house is not “decked out and beautiful”  because I choose to invest my time and money in hunting down top quality food and supplements for myself and my family.  Damn, I was not blessed with that feminine “decorating gene”!

I pay a personal trainer, not a cleaning service.  (Even though I am a personal trainer, and believe me…I need a cleaning service!)

I am constantly reading up on fitness and health in my spare time…devouring whatever I can.   I rarely have time to watch TV…in fact, I despise passive entertainment!  This often renders me a loner, but a content one.

If I go on vacation, workouts must be planned in and possible or I’m not going!  So…I lack spontaneity and I’m not any good at “chillin’ out’”.  (Vacations are over rated if you ask me.)

NO, I will NOT work the snack bar at the kid’s baseball field!  I refuse to hand out that crap for human consumption. (Even though my own son betrays me and eats that crap!)  As a result, I lose political status among the baseball moms. :(

Life is scheduled around my training sessions…or else!  They are non-negotiable.  This means I often miss out on “fun stuff” that presents itself last minute.

I don’t need a therapist.  I can dissolve any problem/issue with a training session!

I lift ugly, heavy, black weights, not the pretty colored neoprene dumbbells.

I sweat EVERYDAY, a lot!  I never look “cute”  (not sure that word even applies at my age, haha)  during or after a workout.

Doing “my best” is a recipe for mediocrity.  My best is NEVER good enough, I always shoot for the impossible.  This means I often have to do my personal work outs alone because I am usually NOT a realistic work out partner.

My mood is often determined by how well my workout went….and I had better be in a GOOD mood when I’m done!

When I go to bed, my head is full of gratitude, commitment and prayer to do it all over again the next day…by the grace of God!  Thank you Lord!







Bittersweet memories in aisle 8

Ok…so I don’t really shop in Big Phood chain stores anymore.   This week I had to go into Big Phood to buy just a few houshold items.  As I entered I felt creeped out immediately.  The store was full of aisles and shelves of “deadly” packaged foods and I was overcome with bad emotions.  It was sort of a mix of horror and sadness.  I find it horrific the way food companies prey on consumers with their shameless marketing and poor quality.  I feel sad that the general public does not truly understand what they are really eating.  I feel even sadder that eating real, healthy, “clean” food has escaped so many of us and that it has even become unaffordable for some.  Face it, buying clean organic foods can be daunting and downright time consuming to go hunt it down at the right places.  It’s just too easy to go into Big Phood and buy whatever is visible and cheap.  As a result, our human health is suffering…BIG TIME!

Anyway…as I was walking through the aisles,  I had some bittersweet memories.  I was suddenly feeling a bit guilty and thought…”oh, what the heck…a box of Reeses Puffs couldn’t hurt and my youngest will be thrilled!” Off to the cereal aisle I went, hoping that by some miracle that the ingredients in Reeses Puffs had changed and I was going to be able to bring myself to buy a box.   I pick up the box, read, and become repulsed.  No, I can’t do it!  Damn!  I decide to take a trip down every aisle just to see if there is anything I’d settle for in that store.

As I walk down the aisles,  I relive bittersweet memories that Big Phood used to give my family.  Oh look, Frosted Flakes, Cinnamon Life, Reeses Puffs…all the cereal heros from our past.  I go a little further down the aisle…Fruit Roll Ups and Fruit by the Foot, those were home runs!  Quaker Peanut Butter Choc Chip granola bars, easy snack.  At then end of the aisle, on the end cap,  Tastykakes…always looked so pretty with their perfect frosting.  Powdered donuts, an easy crowd pleaser!  Around the corner to the next aisle…the soft drink aisle.  Hmmm…an aisle that’s armed and dangerous if you ask me.   Hubby loved his Diet Coke with Lime and my youngest still begs for root beer.   Next aisle, Doritos, Tostitio’s and Lay’s, oh my…go ahead kids, invite everyone over, we have snacks!   More snacks…Oreo’s, Peppperidge Farm Milano’s, Ritz Crackers, Teddie Grahams…awesome bribes for good behavior.   Off to the bread aisle, 99 cent burger and hot dog buns, let’s have a cookout!  English muffins and cinnamon bread, easy do it yourself starters for the day.   Hmmm…the dairy case…Trix yogurt,  Kozy Shack Pudding,  Dannon Drinkables, Tropicana OJ,  yikes!

Well, by the time I was done strolling down memory lane (s), I was wracked with guilt.  Feeling somewhat bad for depriving my family of all of that past joy.  But then I come to my senses, I know deep down that that type of joy is just not worth it in the long run.   Sometimes, hard choices in life have the greatest effect in the long term…both good and bad choices.

These days, when I come home from food shopping, there is not much cheering…usually I’m the only one cheering for the farmer that grew some amazing apples this fall, or some incredible tomato’s this summer.  I always come home complaining about the prices of grass fed, pastured meats…why do we have to pay more money for the basics?  Damn…I guess I won’t be buying that new outfit from Athleta I’ve been wanting because I just spent the money on meats…hmmm.  A trip home from the store would bring shrieks of delight from my kids, ok, hubby too…and I’d feel like a superstar as we’d unpack the bags and the kids would cheer for mom.

Wow…things have changed…a  lot!  haha.  I’m not gonna lie…our food bill was way cheaper, our lives were way easier, and there were fewer “food fights” at our house when we used to shop and eat Big Phood. But the overall price just is not worth that ease. It seems crazy that people have to “fight and sacrifice” to be able to choose and afford the right food these days.

What about you?  Everyone has choices to face daily that require sacrifices.  I’d like to think that these sacrifices bring long term benefits if you are making the right choices.  What are some of the sacrifices you make each day that bring you and your family a better life?  I hope you embrace your sacrifices..remember, some of the hardest things we do in life will bring us the most benefit long term…and feeding our bodies right demands some hard, tough choices these days.  It really shouldn’t be this way, but that’s what we have evolved to.  Make good choices and own them!

Find your “TRUTH”!

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about TRUTH.  It seems harder and harder to find. Truthful people;  it seems someone is always trying to convince me to buy or join something, or vote for them, be their friend or support their cause.   I want to embrace them all, but I must be selective and careful in order to protect my safety and my family.  Truthful consumer products;  every product has a claim…will it really hold true?  Is it worth my money?  Will it really work?  Truthful spirituality; I know my truth is in Christ, but there are many other spiritual options that claim to be the truth…and many people are still searching.  Truthful entertainment; “reality” TV leaves much to be desired and even documentaries can be biased.

This made me realize why I love fitness so much.  For me, FITNESS TELLS THE TRUTH!  If I put the work and commitment in, fitness delivers it’s promise.    Fitness is my passion…probably because it’s always been there for me,  I can count on it to be steady and consistent…as long as I am.  Fitness does not lie or sugar coat the truth.  It’s been a consistent element in my life that will always hold true, day after day.  If I put my energy and truth into fitness it will deliver energy and truth back.   Fitness holds me accountable to my own truth.  It doesn’t get any better than that!   What more could I ask for?  It’s always there, waiting for me, ready to deliver it’s promises.   Now THAT is some solid TRUTH!

So…what holds true for you in your life?  What has been your steady “go to” that you can count on to bring you truth and inner strength?  Reflect on this…because knowing you have at least one truth in your life, one you can really count on,  one that is safe and steady, will help you feel content…even when life seems hard and untruthful.    Please share your “truth” in the comments if you want…let’s discover our many truths of life together!








Technology, convenience, fame, fortune…is it worth it?

The recent death of Whitney Houston really has me in deep thought.  I was thinking about some of the famous/successful people that left this life early:  Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Steve Jobs, Princess Dianna,  Elvis,  Marilyn Monroe, Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Curt Cobain, Freddie Mercury…the list goes on, as I am sure I am leaving some out.  These are people that had some truly blessed gifts, used them (or mis-used them), but did  not get to enjoy them or share them long enough if you ask me.

This got me thinking…is it worth it?  Technology, convenience, fame, fortune…all seem like a mixed blessing.  Technology…cell phones sure are convenient…but they make it too easy to wane on commitment.  I mean, how easy is it to call/text someone and say, “sorry, have to change plans, can’t make it”…and for that matter, the younger generation is losing conversation skills because it’s way too easy to text a few sentences rather than actually talk to someone!   It’s way easier to shop on the internet than to go to the store these days…as a result, shopping malls are emptying out and so are the jobs and livelihood that go with them.  Ok…I’m not going to lie, I LOVE the computer and all of the information, convenience and social networking it gives me, but I always wonder if deep down this is a good thing all around.  I HATE my cell phone, it just keeps making me available and accountable…haha….but in an emergency it is valuable no doubt. Convenience…well, it’s no secret that convenience food is killing us, and for that matter our bodies don’t have to do the labor we used to so it’s a lot harder to naturally stay in shape!  But convenience does make life easier and frees me up to accomplish more.   Fame and fortune…well, my list above has me thinking that it’s a tricky road to travel….besides, fame is the end to all privacy…no thanks!

So, what’s really “worth it” these days?  I DO NOT have the answer to that.   I find it valuable to focus on the basics and see where it leads me…faith in God, commitment to my family and self care, seeking genuine friends and colleagues…these basics are priceless for me.  No technology, convenience fame or fortune can replace that.  Be true to God, myself and those surrounding me….and look for truth in return…those are basics I must have in my life.  How about you?  Have you taken some time to focus on what really matters in your life?  If you were called to leave this life, what would matter to you if you had to leave it behind?  I hope you can take some time to reflect on this, find the things that really matter to you deep in your heart and soul, evaluate them and if they seem viable,  hold onto them…make them priority!  If you feel inclined please share in the comments.  Let’s inspire each other to reach for the things that matter with the gifts God has given us…and see where it leads us.




A tribute to the 3 men that inspired me!

Hi everyone.  Well, this is my first post.  It’s about time as I’ve had this website for about a year now.  I’ve been thinking about how I landed where I am today…how did I acquire my discipline and passion for what I do?  Well, it all goes back to a few good men!

First, my father.   My father started his own business as soon as he got out of the army at age 21.  He worked relentlessly and NEVER gave up, even when things were tough.  He woke up at 4 am every morning singing and came home every night  feeling accomplished.  He did this day after day, no matter what.  He taught me that once you make a commitment, you follow through, even when it gets tough, even when you know you might lose that day.  I used to think, geez…why doesn’t he just take the day off today…I mean he was the boss, he had complete freedom to choose whatever he felt like doing.  But dad showed me commitment was key…if you say you are going to do something, SHOW UP and finish.  STAY IN THE GAME!  Dad passed on last March, and his sense of commitment lives on…THANKS DAD!

Next, Jack LaLanne.  When I was about 5 years old I saw my first Jack LaLanne show.  I did his TV workout with him and thought…OMG, I feel great, that was so much fun!  I was hooked.  Jack gave me my first (of many) endorphin high.  I liked his little food lessons and pep talks.   He had those cool white german shephard dogs too.  Looking back, I think Jack probably should have had a better wardrobe consultant (what was up with that jump suit and those shoes?),  but other than that…the man was ahead of his time!  He talked about stuff back then that society is finally starting to catch onto today (stay away from SUGAR!).  Jack never backed down or waivered either, he truly believed in what he was doing and he was living proof that it worked.  Physically, the man was an all out maniac.  He performed amazing physical feats that still amaze me.   Jack was not a “big team” athlete, he was an individual athlete.  He competed with himself.  Being an only child, I guess I did the same thing.  Besides, I was never any good at team sports, I was never any  good at following the rules that  outlined a “game”.   Jack may be gone but his legend lives on in the fitness world.  JACK WAS “THE GODFATHER OF FITNESS”!

Last, but not least, my husband.  He’s been a good listener and supporter all of these years.  I don’t know how or why he puts up with me and all of my outrageous commitments!  He has always encouraged me to go forward and believe in my goals.   His achievements over the years have inspired me more than he realizes.  Being a LCDR in the Navy, then entering the world as a civilian and taking on a wife, 3 kids, and all of the commitment that goes with that life ARE NO SMALL FEATS!

There you have it.  The 3 men that inspired me to LIVE my passion.  God was good to put them into my life.   Are  there people in your life that have inspired you?  Have you ever really thought about how certain people have affected your life?   I hope you can take some time and reflect on it…who are the people that are behind what you are today?  If they are still alive, let them know all about it!  If you feel inclined, please share with me  in the comments. I love to hear how we all inspire each other!